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Engaging Patients Between Appointments

Article-Engaging Patients Between Appointments

Patient retention, or nurturing and engaging your established patients, is a very powerful yet often overlooked strategy to increase profitability in your medical aesthetic practice.

Patient retention is so important for the following reasons:

  • It can cost up to 25x more for patient acquisition than it costs to retain a current patient.
  • A current patient is likely to spend more money with each visit than a new patient.
  • Established patients are more open to recommendations because there has already been a proven result.
  • Loyal patients are more willing to give honest feedback as they are more invested in your practice.

Tips for Engaging Patients Between Appointments

Consistent Marketing. Be consistent in your marketing efforts and messages. Your website, business statement, value proposition, appointment cards, menu of services, etc., are all part of your overall brand perception. Patients want to feel like they are coming back to a familiar place when they visit your office or website. Ensure you have patient education brochures for each major treatment/procedure you offer, before and after photos to support the features and benefits to the patient, as well as information about the practice, providers and how your office excels above the rest.


E-Newsletters. Reach and frequency of communication is very important. Send out regular, informative and branded e-newsletters to your patient list monthly or at least quarterly. You can include any new technology you might have acquired, promotions you are running, introduce new staff and/or new expertise, upcoming events, etc. Keeping your patients informed and engaged increases loyalty and the likelihood of them booking additional appointments.

Personalized Follow Up. Your front office staff should make a proactive, regular effort to follow up with patients and remain in touch between appointments. Make it a policy to check in with patients to gauge their satisfaction and address any patient concerns as soon as possible. Inform them of any new technology, treatment/procedures you are offering, or special promotions available to them and encourage them to act now.

Birthday Cards. Sending out personalized birthday cards is another personal touch – especially with a hand-written note inside. You can include a gift card to apply to future services/procedures.

Pre-Book Multiple Appointments from Treatment Plans. Patients that need multiple appointments for their treatment based on a long-term treatment plan should be given priority spots on your calendar. Try to book recurring appointments before they leave the office and send text and email reminders when it is time for them to come back in.

Social Media. The average person spends 2+ hours a day on social media. So, making sure you have a professional social media presence with engaging content is another patient engagement strategy. Make sure your social handles are included in your newsletter and on display in your office or any follow up communication and appointment cards.

Loyalty Programs. Loyalty programs help keep engagement high and foster brand loyalty. They encourage continued patronage, increased spending and increased referral rates. Patients in a loyalty program typically receive special access to events, preferred pricing or exclusive benefits.


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