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Hot Products in 2023

Article-Hot Products in 2023

In this edition of Hot Products, you will find emerging and upgraded technologies that are rising to the expectations of greater efficacy and customization plus improved patient comfort and safety.

In the following pages you can find patented devices for tailored concentrations of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), injectables to treat the jawline, microneedling devices equipped with continuous calibration, and precision ablative lasers. And the highlights don’t stop there. Learn how to help patients reach new levels of fitness with hands-free electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and specialized technologies for facial toning.

Learn about these technologies and more in this issue. And, do not miss two upcoming, live opportunities to gain more experience with the latest medical innovations, as well as unique perspectives while furthering your knowledge. Vegas Cosmetic Surgery (VCS) from June 8-10, 2023 and The Aesthetic Show (TAS) from July 6-9, 2023, will provide in-depth education, training and interactive experiences in areas such as minimally invasive procedures and treatments, surgery and practice management.

022036_VOLUX_TheAestheticGuideResize_REV 4.6

VCS Booth #: 403
TAS Booths #: 107, 207

Each product in the JUVÉDERM® collection is specifically designed to support a customized treatment for each patient’s aesthetic goals. With a wide range of hyaluronic acid (HA) concentrations, the JUVÉDERM collection enables providers to effectively treat specific areas of the face including lips, cheeks, chin, wrinkles, folds, infraorbital hollowing and jawline. The most recent addition to the JUVÉDERM Collection is JUVÉDERM VOLUX® XC, the first and only HA filler for lasting definition in the jawline.* In the clinical study, 94% of patients were satisfied with treatment results, with 82% continuing to report satisfaction at 12 months, with optimal treatment.

*70% improved ≥1 point on the Allergan Loss of Jawline Definition Scale (ALJDS) compared with control at six months and 61.3% through 12 months with optimal treatment.
Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company: (800) 377-7790 /

DP4 on stand no BG.png

VCS Booth #: 102
TAS Booth #: 115

The DP4 microneedling pen from Dp Derm is an advanced fractional micro-channeling device. FDA cleared for treating facial acne scars, it offers a dedicated scar treatment (ST) setting. The DP4 is also the first fully digital device, combining bluetooth, radiofrequency identification (RFID), dual power and turbo-cut battery systems to off er a fast and efficient microneedling treatment. With the ability to create up to 1,920 micro-channels per second, large areas can be treated faster, with exceptional outcomes and minimal discomfort and downtime. Each 16-needle cartridge features multiple anti-contamination seals, and an integrated RFID chip which allows for continuous calibration to ensure precise, reliable and drag-free needle penetration.
Dp Derm: (305) 552-0550 /

TAG Hot Products.jpg

NeuBlush Nitrile Exam Gloves
TAS Booth #: 512

Air-Tite is proud to support breast cancer research and awareness programs by donating a percentage of sales from our pink product lines every quarter. NeuBlush Nitrile Exam Gloves are 100% latex and powder free and come in boxes of 200. They provide outstanding tactile sensitivity for touch perception and protect hands from potentially infectious materials. NeuMask procedure ear loop facemasks are highly breathable Level 2 masks that provide complete protection while remaining light and comfortable. These masks are latex-free, non-sterile and made of non-woven material. Use PROMO CODE: CSTAG23 for 10% off your order (one-time use only). Together we can help find a cure! Air-Tite Aesthetics: (800) 231-7762 / /


Perfectio X
VCS Booth #: 713
TAS Booth #: 601

The Perfectio X by Zero Gravity technology gently delivers precise dosage of energy to the skin to simultaneously produce collagen fibers and elastin, while gently erasing signs of aging in all three layers of skin. Treatments result in a natural filling and erasing of fi ne lines and wrinkles, as well as a lifting and tightening of the skin. LED light therapy is growing in popularity in prominent medical spas around the world due to its remarkable effects in reversing signs of aging and various skin imperfections. Results from clinical trials demonstrate both efficacy and safety of light therapy in promoting anti-aging skin rejuvenation and intradermal collagen increase when compared against controls. Research also shows that light therapy is highly effective in reducing pigmentation and rosacea.
Zero Gravity: (800) 707-0763 /


VCS Booth #: 624
TAS Booth #: 217

Introducing CAREprp, a completely reimagined approach to PRP. CAREprp optimizes plasma separation through our unique hourglass tube design revealing 12-14 cc of high quality PRP in a short, three-minute spin cycle. CAREprp’s breakthrough design securely seals away contaminants, while allowing for customizable concentration and industry-leading platelet recovery for even more personalization. The rapid, easy and reliable CAREprp system has changed the PRP game.
CAREprp: (855) 892-3872 / /


Emface RD HP

VCS Booth #: 109
TAS Booth #: 419

Emface is a revolution in facial treatments. By emitting both Synchronized RF and high intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) energies, it simultaneously affects the skin and muscles. The end result, on average, is 37% less wrinkles, 30% more muscle tone and 23% more lift, naturally without needles. Best of all, Emface treats the full face in only 20-minutes.
BTL Industries, Inc.: (866) 285-1656 /

AdvaTx .png

TAS Booth #: 636

Combining the gold standard wavelength for addressing vascular abnormalities with the new gold standard for non-ablative resurfacing, the ADVATx allows the provider to treat 25 FDA-/CE-cleared indications without the use of consumables.
ADVALight: (888) 354-5551 /

ELEVAI E-Series™ 2.png


The ELEVAI E-Series products – empower and enfinity – were developed to provide both post-procedure skin support and ongoing daily aftercare. Both products contain exosomes; ultra-small, nanoparticle compartments packed with targeted growth factors known to support skin health. The patent-pending ELEVAI Exosome Technology is the powerhouse ingredient in this post-procedure series and mimics the repair process of nature along with a selection of high-quality actives to provide regenerative skin health for any skin type. The ELEVAI E-Series and its proprietary blend of ethically sourced ingredients is the perfect complementary post-procedure skincare regimen to support the skin’s natural rejuvenation process for optimal results and ongoing skin health.



The Helix™ dual wavelength laser system from DEKA is the new platform for ablation, vaporization, excision, incision and coagulation of soft tissue in dermatology and plastic surgery. Helix is equipped with a double wavelength fractional scanner applicator, endorsing 10,600 nm and 1,570 nm. Helix works with each wavelength either independently or combined, allowing tunable balance between ablation and coagulation depths. Layer-by-layer char-free skin resurfacing provides excellent results on all skin conditions but also enhances the safety of the treatment with greater predictability and reproducibility.
DEKA M.E.L.A. s.r.l.: +39 055 887 4942 /


Renewal Facial Cream
VCS Booth #: 215
TAS Booth #: 697

The Epionce flagship product Renewal Facial Cream is barrier bettering in more ways than one. It combines an effective delivery system with a proprietary blend of key ingredients to show a measurable benefit to the skin. Its elegant, emollient formulation leverages skin-boosting ceramides and nurturing botanicals to renew radiance, restore hydration and improve signs of aging – all without irritation. A barrier-friendly alternative to harsh retinoids, Renewal Facial Cream is clinically proven equal to leading retinoids for anti-aging when used with Epionce Lytic Tx. Renewal Facial Cream is safe for all skin types and – like all Epionce products – is paraben-free and not tested on animals. Experience our science-driven, plant-based formulations that have been beloved by skincare professionals for over 20 years.
Episciences, Inc.: (866) 374-6623 / /


PRX Intima Perfexion
VCS Booth #: 710
TAS Booth #: 806

Introducing PRX Intima Perfexion, from the global success of PRX Derm Perfexion (formerly known as PRX-T33). PRX Intima Perfexion is a scientifically backed intimate skin beautification procedure for all genders and skin types. With unparalleled results, it is designed to rejuvenate, tighten, brighten and beautify the external intimate areas and help reclaim vitality in all aspects of life.
Love Beauty Pro & Medical: (877) 920-2281 /




Exocel Bio employs an innovative proprietary incubation medium and a stringent nine-step GXP process to produce the highest potency and safety profile of all the exosomes currently available. Our proprietary blend of precision miRNA plus growth factors, peptides, cytokines and matrix proteins are specifi cally designed for topical procedure applications and have been shown to support several desirable aesthetic skincare outcomes. EXOVEX is designed as a companion product for skin and hair rejuvenation, used in post-microneedling or energy-based aesthetic applications. The non-lyophilized live exosomes with growth factors and miRNA in EXOVEX help reduce the signs of aging, alleviating the stress of modern living and promoting healing for all skin and scalp types. EXOVEX is a line of professional-grade aesthetic serums that support the body’s natural ability to turn back time.
Exocel Bio: (858) 255-4499 /



VCS Booth #: 122
TAS Booth #: 816

Accufit, a non-invasive direct electrical muscle stimulation device from Lutronic, Inc., is designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the target body area by providing electrical stimulation to nerves and muscles for muscle re-education. It offers multiple advantages over other muscle stimulation devices, including three times the power of indirect functional magnet stimulation, anatomically correct muscle movements, and the ability to move muscle groups in a natural way. Accufit’s integrated intelligence consistently delivers energy and comfort, regardless of BMI, by changing the workout based on the treated muscle group.
Lutronic Aesthetics:


Galderma Product Showcase Image.png

VCS Booth #:103
TAS Booth #: 407

We are advancing dermatology for every skin story by empowering beauty in all forms. At Galderma, we embrace these differences and offer cutting-edge, premium brands that fit people’s individual needs, across the full spectrum of dermatology through aesthetics, consumer care and prescription medicine. Galderma’s passion for education and unique innovation enables our patients to truly embrace their individual skin story. Collaboration is part of our DNA – a cultural driver for how we interact within and beyond the company. Stop by our booth to experience our broad range of aesthetic solutions and learn more about Galderma’s innovation that drives the future of aesthetics forward.


The Aesthetic Needle

The Aesthetic Needle 32G x 13 mm (32G x 1/2”) 100/box #32G59875 box contains 100 disposable premium sterile hypodermic needles with an individually sealed cap. They are made of surgical stainless steel with a polypropylene hub that is suitable for different needs. It is a convenient universal fi t created for single use only.
Merit Pharmaceutical / Medigrative / MERITPOINT: (800) 696-MERIT (63748) / /


VCS Booth #: 211
TAS Booth #:402

 RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: RVLP) is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing eyecare and medical aesthetic products. Our first FDA-approved product, Upneeq® (oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution), 0.1%, provides the foundation of our unwavering commitment to improve patients’ lives. Upneeq is available through the UP+ Program, which allows you to dispense Upneeq directly to appropriate adult patients. Contact us to learn more or to connect with a representative for resources.
RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: (908) 809-1300 / /

Rejuran Healing Essence.jpg

TAS Booth #: 506

Rejuran® regenerative science employs innovative technology from South Korea: patented platform DNA fragments optimizing technology (DOT). Rejuran professional products include Healing Essence, Tone-Up Booster, Skin Booster and Trueskin Essence meant to be used with aesthetic procedures and medical devices. The active ingredients throughout its product lines are clinically proven to boost collagen production, improve the appearance of damaged skin and scarring, visibly reduce discoloration, encourage cell regeneration, protect the skin barrier and improve elasticity.
Rejuran USA: (714) 474-8861 /


Ultracontour NG

Ultracontour NG from MedixSysteme AG has eight key benefits in one machine, from a hands-free protocol to multiple applicators and painless non-invasive treatment with thermal, mechanical and vibrating effects that are safe for all skin types. Ultracontour NG offers up to 20 piloted and custom-programmed emitters, which can be placed at various body locations for simultaneous treatment of subcutaneous fat in the arms, belly, legs, buttocks and love handles. Furthermore, specific programs are available for men and women. The emitters deliver highly focalized fractionated ultrasound (sonodynamic therapy) for point-by-point targeting at the precise depth of local adiposity from between 0.8 and 1.3 cm, with the unique ultrasonic mechanical drainage (UMD) effect automatically delivering intense pulses to the fat in larger areas. The operator can choose up to five levels of UMD power based on the site treated and fat thickness. Six UMD belts off er the flexibility to adapt to each patient’s individual body areas.
MedixSysteme AG: +423 373 0440 / /

AfterGlo Eblast Ad_V2.png

PDO AfterGlo
TAS Booth#: 833

Brighten, tighten and add volume to the skin with this new polymer skin booster formulated with polydioxanone powder and hyaluronic acid, which is a safe and effective option for correction of volume loss and rejuvenation of photo-aging skin. PDO powder is comprised of microspheres made out of the same material as PDO threads. Suspended in hyaluronic acid and sterile water, these particles are soluble. The serum is then penetrated into the dermis in many ways like microneedling and microchanneling. PDO AfterGlo™ is formulated to activate the efficacy of PDO itself to aid in the production of collagen and increase skin elasticity.
PDO Max, Inc.: (800) 670-0225 / /

Nitronox Plus JA

Nitronox Plus
VCS Booth #: 311
TAS Booth #: 314

Porter Instrument has been manufacturing nitrous oxide and oxygen delivery systems for over 50 years. Nitronox Plus® is the only demand flow system that offers 0% to 70% adjustable patient self-administered nitrous oxide and oxygen which allows the clinician to dial in to each patients’ specific needs vs. fixed 50/50 devices. It is simple to use and helps manage your patients’ pain and anxiety during minimally invasive in-office procedures, including microneedling, neurotoxin injections, body contouring and biopsies. Other features include a key lock system that prevents nitrous oxide from flowing while in the off position to provide safety and security with a low gas pressure alarm that alerts you when either gas is running low.
Porter Instrument: (215) 723-4000 /


Viola Threads
VCS Booth#: 324
TAS Booth #: 526

Bring inner beauty to the outer surface and reverse the appearance of skin age with minimally invasive Viola Threads. Having FDA 510k clearance (#K190264) for Polydioxanone (PDO) threads allows Viola Threads to off er practitioners and other medical professionals competitive pricing. The Viola line offers a variety of products for applicable treatment areas ranging across the face and body to enhance facial contour, stimulate volume, revert wrinkles and fi ne lines, in addition to lifting and anchoring heavier skin tissue and more. Viola Threads offers a signature preparation style with its packaging and pouches that preserve the efficiency of the thread, extending the expiration date up to three years when the pouch remains unopened and in proper condition. PDO threads are FDA cleared for barbed sutures and are indicated for use in soft tissue, where the use of absorbable sutures is appropriate.
Viola Threads: (213) 351-0001 /  /

thumbnail_Bareit Product Profile.png

VCS Booth #: 305
TAS Booth #: 206

Meet Bareit by Sciton. The fast hair reduction system for all complexions. Bareit’s easy-to-use technology and enhanced safety features make it a great treatment to delegate to staff . Treatments are fast, comfortable and effective. The device’s extra-large spot sizes and the ability to switch between different wavelengths – an independent 810 nm or the unique ‘Blend Technology’ with 810 nm, 940 nm and 1060 nm – allow providers to treat patients of all complexions and hair types. Patients report higher comfort levels thanks to Bareit’s integrated contact crystal cooling at 5° C that keeps skin cool and comfortable.
Sciton: (650) 493-9155 /


VitaDrop Serums
VCS Booth #: 614
TAS Booth #: 718

A few drops of VitaDrops Serum transform the skin with powerful curated ingredients, improving various conditions with each use. Individual Serums deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the skin in a multifaceted approach to dryness, aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, devitalized skin and more. Each formula delivers healthy, revitalized and glowing skin. All serums contain the latest in cutting edge ingredient technology and trend innovation. Coordinate your facials with homecare that supports your service and skincare goals.
Martinni Beauty, Inc.: (888) 440-8811 /

HP - Sylfirm X Ultimate Edition 2023

Sylfirm X
VCS Booth #: 605
TAS Booth #: 100

Sylfirm X is an FDA registered pulsed wave (PW) and continuous wave (CW) radiofrequency (RF) microneedling device featuring 300-micron depth for ultimate skin complexion and skin revitalization. Sylfirm X has eight different PW/CW modes and has proven its effectiveness and safety through 25+ clinical studies and experiments. Sylfirm X adopted bipolar non-insulated microneedle electrodes which cover all dermal layers with a uniform electric fi eld for maximum treatment results. PW modes target skin complexion, and CW modes target skin revitalization.
BENEV: (949) 457-2222 /


VCS Booth #: 117
TAS Booth #: 640

UltraSlim® is a revolutionary fat reduction technology that offers non-invasive, permanent fat loss. Its patented mechanism of action uses high-powered medical-grade light to create temporary pores in the fat cell’s membrane, allowing the fat to escape and then be eliminated naturally through lipid metabolism. Listed as a Risk Group 1 device, UltraSlim has no side effects or BMI restrictions, and patients do not experience any discomfort during the procedure. Our clinical studies show that patients lost an average of 1,580 cc of fat in just one treatment or 32-minutes (3.5” combined waist, hips, and thighs). (NCT02867150 at
Ward Photonics, LLC: (800) 392-5950 /

Cryo 7 Brochure COVER B.jpg

Cryo 7
TAS Booth #: 527

The new Cryo 7 delivers cold air as low as -30° C. This technology in cryotherapy includes many innovative standard features, like large, intuitive touchscreen control, a spring arm for single-handed operation, the ability to store favorite treatment settings with just a couple of taps, quieter operation, a longer, pivoting hose for added flexibility in small spaces and hard-to-reach areas, and much more. The device’s complex German engineering provides simplicity of use to the practitioner and comfort to the patient. Cryo 7 minimizes pain and risk of thermal injury associated with procedures like laser hair and tattoo removal, superfi ial injections and plastic surgery. The Cryo 7 provides epidermal skin numbing technology, reducing pain and the chances of thermal injury, and ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for patients.
Zimmer MedizinSysteme: (800) 327-3576 / /



VCS Booth #: 134
TAS Booth #: 416

Sofwave is a new, clinically proven, non-invasive approach. Sofwave’s breakthrough, non-invasive Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology (SUPERB) answers the growing demand for treatments that deliver noticeable wrinkle reduction, lift the eyebrows and neck, and affect the appearance of lax tissue in the submental neck regions.
Sofwave: (855) SOFWAVE (855-763-9283) / /



By applying four key value technologies, VirtueRF reduces the pain of traditional microneedling treatment dramatically, while at the same time, using comparably higher energy. VirtueRF can deliver either targeted tissue coagulation or widen the range of the high frequency delivery zone by applying sub-pulses, which eventually enlarges the area affected. In addition to these four key value technologies and three types of handpieces, VirtueRF offers five different tips for a variety of purposes and treatments. By eliminating pain and side eff cts, VirtueRF provides a more comfortable, efficient and safe experience for our beloved customers.
Cartessa: (877) 662-2783 / /


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