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Introducing the Latest Technology in Topical Growth Factors

Article-Introducing the Latest Technology in Topical Growth Factors

Sponsored By PCA Skin; Topical growth factors are a rising technology in aesthetic skincare and regenerative medicine.

Sponsored By PCA Skin;

Topical growth factors are a rising technology in aesthetic skincare and regenerative medicine. Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins used to stimulate tissue regeneration and are widely studied with proven efficacy, contributing to their popularity in the topical skincare arena.


PCA SKIN®(Scottsdale, Ariz.), well known for their professional peel treatments and science-backed home care products, has introduced their latest innovation, Pro-Max Age Renewal, an anti-aging serum that utilizes a breakthrough technology called Micro Growth Factor (MGF) technology, which penetrates the skin 10x deeper than conventional growth factors.1 The patent-pending technology is designed to enhance collagen production and reduce the advanced signs of aging.

Pro-Max Age Renewal is clinically proven to lift and firm the appearance of skin by 60%; smooth visible lines and coarse wrinkles by 40%; and provide a 58% improvement in plumping the look of the skin.2 “The serum undergoes a process where the most active segments of the growth factors are amplified in a lab,” explained Michelle Henry, MD, founder of Skin & Aesthetic Surgery of Manhattan (Manhattan, N.Y.). “This unique approach not only ensures the presence of highly active segments but also allows for better penetration into the skin, unlike bulkier growth factors.”

This product utilizes four unique signal tripeptides to help enhance collagen production, support keratinocyte production and fibroblast proliferation. “This truly novel technology is further enhanced by the inclusion of biopolymers that provide instant skin tightening and botanical extracts that protect and preserve collagen, making it a game-changer in the world of topical antiaging serums,” Dr. Henry added.


Today’s dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners widely use topicals to complement and enhance cosmetic treatments, but ProMax Age Renewal stands out. “While there are many products that address fine lines and wrinkles, there are few options that complement dermal fillers and volumizing treatments,” Dr. Henry expressed. “Pro-Max Age Renewal fills this gap, catering to specific needs with high efficacy. I often pair it with injectables, microneedling or laser treatments, as it helps preserve and protect the results achieved through these procedures. Patients appreciate having a product that extends the duration of their desired outcomes, leading to increased trust, loyalty and satisfaction with their overall experience.”

According to Dr. Henry, patients who incorporate Pro-Max Age Renewal into their skincare routine can expect to see noticeable skin lift, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and improvements in skin luminosity and texture. “Personally, I appreciate that the formula is lightweight and quickly absorbed into the skin. It is designed to be tolerable even for individuals with sensitive skin, allowing for its use across a wide range of patients. Offering Pro-Max Age Renewal to my patients seeking skin tightening or lifting treatments has proven highly beneficial.”

In the established arena of topical growth factors for skin rejuvenation, Pro-Max Age Renewal sets itself apart with cutting-edge technology that takes advantage of highly active and potent growth factors. PCA SKIN continues to complement aesthetic practices by providing patients with a way to continue antiaging treatments at home for maximum results and greater patient satisfaction.


1. Defined as conventional growth factors with average of 155 amino acids (17 KD molecular weight)
2. 24-week data on file at PCA SKIN N=47


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