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Unique Nd:YAP 1340 nm handpiece enables greater versatility and improved outcomes

Article-Unique Nd:YAP 1340 nm handpiece enables greater versatility and improved outcomes

Sponsored by Vydence

Today’s advanced technologies are creating a perfect opportunity for cosmetic surgeons to increase their repertoire of laser treatments to rejuvenate and improve their patients’ skin. The ETHEREA-MX by Vydence is a laser-based platform that offers multiple applications in just one system and remains one of the most successful and versatile systems available today.

As the latest generation of fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing tools, the unique ProDeep Nd:YAP 1340 nm hand- piece for the ETHEREA-MX platform allows practitioners to offer a wide array of skin rejuvenation and improvement options. The versatility of this handpiece opens the door for doctors to also treat complicated issues like inflammatory acne with greater efficacy and minimal side effects with little to no downtime.

Fractional treatment delivers a high dose of evenly distributed energy through microscopic treatment zones (MTZs), which generates heat in the subdermal tissue, resulting in deeper collagen remodeling and greater patient satisfaction with less visible erythema. This allows practitioners to effectively treat scars, including acne scars, as well as stretch marks, wrinkles and more, with the ProDeep Nd:YAP 1340 non-ablative laser.

Even more exciting, patients can be treated in a shorter amount of time, thanks to the 10 mm square spot shape handpiece that covers a larger treatment area, while the 100 MTZ lens allows high operator visibility and accuracy. In addition, cosmetic surgeons can expand their client base with a wider array of treatments, such as melasma, stretch marks, scars and fractional rejuvenation for mature patients.

According to Valeria Campos, MD, of Clinica Valeria Campos in Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil, her patients enjoy the little to no downtime with the ProDeep. “I use Nd:YAP 1340 with patients who need a better skin treatment, facial rejuvenation and require no downtime.”

This laser is the basis for any treatment protocol. It is essential in the doctor’s office, Dr. Campos noted. The range of treatments available with ETHEREA-MX allows Dr. Campos to address all of her patients’ concerns. “I perform several techniques with the ETHEREA-MX. There are possibilities for several clinical conditions such as cutaneous flaccidity, pore size reduction, bleaching, removal of keratoses, hair treatment, hair vessels, among other treatments that also comprise other specialties, such as vascular problems.”

Of course, the ProDeep technology’s revolutionary wavelength allows greater depth of penetration, so it more effectively treats striae as well as fine lines and wrinkles, skin resurfacing, most textural irregularities, vascular lesions and cystic acne scars. The high energy dose per MTZ, along with higher subdermal heating, increases efficacy and accelerates the recovery process. But patient results are what counts most.

As Dr. Campos pointed out, “My patients notice results in the first session and are happy because they know that it is only the beginning of many benefits that this technology can do for them.” And the ETHEREA-MX technology provides a comprehensive portfolio of aesthetic treatments, “I can promote rejuvenation – from a young patient with more youthful skin that needs only maintenance or prevention – to skin that is already very mature.”

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